6 Apr 2021

Blog Detail 5 Events To Plan And Throw For Your Fans

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Nothing gets the FIRE fans going like a FIRE event. It’s a great way of bringing the gang together. So keep things exciting with events, you’ll get the fans all fired up and hooked for the next one.


Plan Themed Classes

Get with the times. Plan special themed classes to celebrate Halloween, Christmas, Merdeka, or Valentine’s Day. Get in the mood, decorate the studio and get the fans to come in special colours or costumes. Pictures are a must. Get your fans sharing, it’s free marketing for your studio!

Create a Fitness Challenge

At FIRE, we’re all about challenging our fans. Keep them motivated with a workout challenge. Set goals, test their grit, and promise rewards. It’s a way to keep the monotony at bay and it helps separate your studio from the rest.

Plan Outdoor Workouts

Bring the heat outside with community hikes or an outdoor workout. It’s a fresh change of scene, fresh air, and a fresh challenge for the fans. Bring some branding collaterals, it could be t-shirts, bandanas even a water bottle to give out to your fans. It’s a great way to spread the word about your studio and brand.

Level Up with Master Classes

Fitness is not just one thing. Set up a self-defense workshop, a boxing masterclass, a talk by a nutritionist; they’re all tinder to building a strong flame. It’s a great way to extend your offering to your fans and take this as a collaboration too, it’s an opportunity to tap into the audience of your partners as well.

Give Back Together

Host a charity challenge that will get your fans sweating and the community happy. Some fire starters: Sweat For a Cause event where RM1 for every burpee gets donated to those in need. Dipping your toes into more than just fitness alone widens your audience and gives your business an opportunity to expand.